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  • 02.03.03
    ff7cafd3 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.03.03
    Changes since 02.03.02:
        UserStatistics: Log if unexpected beamline
  • 02.03.02
    1111c4f1 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.03.02
    Changes since 02.03.01:
         Initialize TMCB early if used to drive motor
         Update test files
  • 02.03.01
    3ae29c6a · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.03.01
    Changes since 02.03.00:
        build: Install calibration scripts
  • 02.03.00
    8beade43 · op scripts update ·
    New MINOR release 02.03.00
    Changes since 02.02.13:
         op scripts update
         script updates for the new FW
         switch to application reset in the new FW
         Add missing map file for test
         Fix setup for ADC test
         ci: Add .jenkinsfile
         Fix initial values between modules
         Test: Force backplaneTriggerChannel to be an integer, not a bool
         Update optical switch test
         Bump minor version
         box LLL on FMC25
  • 02.02.13
    1be9f7e8 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.13
    Changes since 02.02.12:
         prepare for motor at TMCB, select FLTs with beam only for position scan
         new FMC20, TMCB mapp files, support MD22 at TMCB
         Force two modules to be always valid
  • 02.02.12
    eea52929 · Bump patch version` ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.12
    Changes since 02.02.11:
        double to float
        EOM bias feedback fix, new configs
        ADCScan: Use correct ADC range (16 bit, not 32)
        ADCScan: Fix peak selection
        ADCScan: Use left-most maximum, not right-most
        ADCScan: Larger range for single-value plots
        ADCScan: Plot old delay value
        EOM bias scan, enabled all PLL scans in parallel
        ADC trigger scan added
        ADC scan fixes, runs
        PLLScan: Average over whole ADC range
        Fix missing include and string copy in log
        Fix log timestamps
        Fix hierarchy of PLL control registers
        Re-add ADC scan device
        Fix typos
        ADCScan: Wait after board reset after scan setup
        ADCScan: Readback check for all ADCs
        compact samples array to special length
        added logging function with timestamp
        added compacted arrival time arrays, minor fixes
        Test data: Add missing ADC device
        test: Update config for tests
        doocs parameters setup script
  • 02.02.11
    180d5448 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.11
    Changes since 02.02.10:
         Add ADCDelayScan and PLLBaseScan
         Status: Periodically write sampleFreq and preSamples
         added DUD and ALL
         UserStatistics: Clear the per-sase arrival time
         test: Add missing calibration table for calibration test
         consistency group fix in calib applier, add BCM latency
         feedback strenghtening, calibration no change on empty FLT
         Remove motor device module
  • 02.02.10
    d5baf77e · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.10
    Changes since 02.02.09:
         Test: Add AutomatioModule smoke test
         switch to toroid constant threshold
         toroid array processing change
         Automation: Add module
         CalibrationApplierTest: Use ConnectingDeviceModule
         persistance workaround
         CalibrationApplier: Add basic test
         Toroid: Data is in 4.5MHz pattern, not dense
         feedback toroid to reprocessed data
         momtor feedback reset limit
         feedback alarms
         CalibrationApplier: Fix reset of calibration table
         Fix various clang-tidy warnings
         StatusCollector: PositionScan status changed
         calibration scripts
         added unmodified averaging to quality, stronger position scan cuts
  • 02.02.09
    61420a48 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.09
    Changes since 02.02.08:
          uint size fix
  • 02.02.08
    471188fe · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.08
    Changes since 02.02.07:
         encoder settle time and offset realignment
         encoder modes and position hold, motor movememnt loop simplified, LLL invalid bit setting
         StatusCollector: Fix connection for feedback and motor
         Re-enable test for status module
         added position scan previsous position, less vervosity to log, fix cut in position scan analysis
         calib file lines +1
  • 02.02.07
    92b7fbe7 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.07
    Changes since 02.02.06:
         Bump patch version
         encoder drift protection
  • 02.02.06
    5729de6e · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.06
    Changes since 02.02.05:
    * commit 5729de6ed52de25d56e160760b5734e3ffe6ee65
         ODL,PositionScan: Remove range forwarding
         PositionScan: Make sure the ODL is activated
  • 02.02.05
    cbed23bd · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.05
    Changes since 02.02.04:
         Core: Move motor card initialization up
         Fix typo
         Remove debug output for registers
  • 02.02.04
    497ebbd5 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.04
    Changes since 02.02.03:
        Initlize SDM carrier board
  • 02.02.03
    728a7d38 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.03
    Changes since 02.02.02:
        - feedback positions decoupled
        - arrival time offset separate
  • 02.02.02
    318bca84 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.02
    Changes since 02.02.01:
     - Server: Run motor init script warlier in server setup
  • 02.02.01
    458452b1 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.02.01
    Changes since 02.02.00:
     - Drop installing obsolete files
  • 02.02.00
    f8d9b01e · Bump minor version ·
    New MINOR release 02.02.00
    Changes since 02.01.06:
     - Completely rewritten Feedback module
     - Completely rewritten CalibrationScan
     - Completely rewritten PositionScan
     - Many fixes regarding ODL movement
     - ArrivalTime calibration using the absolute position encoder
     - Removal of libBAM dependency
     - New statistics for experts
     - Statistics per SASE for Users
  • 02.01.06
    461773e6 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.01.06
    Changes since 02.01.05:
         ArrivalTime: Use ODL0/1 as the rest of the code
         Feedback: Remove some debug output
         Fix some compiler warnings regarding signesss/shadow
         FeedbackTest: Fix AddRemove test
         arrivaltimequality to pre buffer and stats change
         Feedback: Change control of feedback
         ArrivalTime: Obey number of MP to average
         ArrivalTime: Minimal number of bunches is 2
         ODL: Read-only interface does not need "ready"
         Always send arrival data via ZMQ
         OpticalSwitch: Re-add missing status message
         test data: Add missing property to config
  • 02.01.05
    5b409584 · Bump patch version ·
    New PATCH release 02.01.05
    Changes since 02.01.04:
        Port to MathUtils 3.0
        OpticalSwitch: Add missing device connections
        Feedback: Fix inverted lock status