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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 01.01.01
    03d17285 · remove EodScan completely ·
    New PATCH release 01.01.01
    Changes since 01.01.00:
    * support FLASH config
  • 01.01.00
    ed94fc77 · increase minor version ·
    New MINOR release 01.01.00
    Changes since 01.00.00:
    - feature: BunchTiming module for correlation of signal lines with expected bunch times
    - refactoring/optimization: create new module BunchDetection from ImgProcessingMod
      this should help when FFT filtering causes high CPU load in ImgProcessingMod
    - feature: valid pixel value range
      for auto-detection of bad pixels and saturation effects
  • 01.00.00
    New MAJOR release 01.00.00
    Changes since 00.09.00:
    *     add pixLower, pixUpper inputs
    *     make bunch peak detection more robust
    *     discard peaks which intersect time axis ends
    *     improve data validity handling
          - exclude division-by-zeros values
          - if not enough values remain, anything is invalid
          - otherwise, signal classification metrics (e.g. bunchDetected) are set
            valid, even if bunch was not detected
          - only if bunch signal valid and bunch detected, final outputs
            like bunch position, are marked valid
    *     output signal classification metrics even if bunch was not detected
    *     add signal sanity check
          also check that laser power is significant on bunch signal lines before
          evaluation of bunch profile metrics.
          Before, we only check laser power on (unmodulated) laser lines.
    *     Allow subset selection all|odd|even for laser lines
    *     data initialization also in case that input parameters are invalid,
          in order to avoid random utputs
  • 00.09.00
    New MAJOR release 00.09.00
    first release, for testing only