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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 01.03.07
    New PATCH release 01.03.07
    Changes since 01.03.06:
    * fix: array sizes in BunchTiming
    * feat: x2timer sync with bunchesStartTimeIndex
      in order to conveniently select odd bunches
  • 01.03.06
    b2be43e4 · fix: R^2 calculation ·
    New PATCH release 01.03.06
    Changes since 01.03.05:
    * fix: R^2 calculation
  • 01.03.05
    New PATCH release 01.03.05
    Changes since 01.03.04:
    * feat in EodScan: user given range cut
      for time axis fit
      This is needed because currently server cannot decide whether bunch
      peaks are from actual bunches or from wake fields
  • 01.03.04
    83e8f2db · fixup ·
    New PATCH release 01.03.04
    Changes since 01.03.03:
  • 01.03.03
    4377c0e9 · reduce linter warnings ·
    New PATCH release 01.03.03
    Changes since 01.03.02:
    x2timer settings: avoid adding up of rounding errors
  • 01.03.02
    New PATCH release 01.03.02
    Changes since 01.03.01:
    * add less important bunch metrics in time domain
    * improve: EodScan should disard invalid data
    * improve BunchDetection output
      set 'bunchPeakDetected' true only if we actually detected peak of non-zero width
  • 01.03.01
    New PATCH release 01.03.01
    Changes since 01.03.00:
    * fix: avoid crash due to empty or constant time axis segment
  • 01.03.00
    New MINOR release 01.03.00
    Changes since 01.02.01:
    EOD scan
    * improve: let EodScan explicity check that image present
    * feat: auto fine scan
      allows automatic redution of step size if EO signal was detected
    * fix: exclude forbidden x2timer delay range
    Bunch detection
    * improve: if EO signal not detected, do not output bunch metrics
    * improvement: evaluate R^2 of fit
      sometimes fit does not match at all, e.g. when we try to fit bunch
      shape at edge and need to make assumption about unchanged bunch width.
      Bad fit model can be detected by R^2 < 0. Make use of this check and do
      not output fit line then, in order not to confuse.
    * fix: skewSimple metric was covered by numerical noise
    * feat: allow setting expected peak sign
    Bunch timing
    * fix: flash destination filtering
    * fix: allow correlation with 'odd' timing samples
      startTimeIndex user input should allow capturing odd-time bunches,
      if x2timer triggers configured for that
  • 01.02.01
    New PATCH release 01.02.01
    Changes since 01.02.00:
    * calculate tFirstLineUs automatically
         - before tFirstLineUs was setpoint
         - now, we assume BUNCHES.start + offset is set to point on first electron bunch
         - usually, offset=0, but can set by user
    * EodScan: optimize setLaserTime
         first update x2timer setpoints first,
         then laser_lock setpoints,
         then wait at least once, on next macro pulse, until settings accepted
         this scheme is more predictable and faster than previous one.
    * fix: noise level in BunchDetection
  • 01.02.00
    New MINOR release 01.02.00
    * new feature: EodScan
  • 01.01.04
    6366e9cb · fixup ·
    New PATCH release 01.01.04
  • 01.01.03
    New PATCH release 01.01.03
    *  do not mask bad pixels in raw data
       was decided in order to let operator see reason/correctness
    * more consistent handling of bad pixel values
      should improve statistics outputs which currently suffer from NaN values
  • 01.01.02
    38423ad5 · update patch ·
    New PATCH release 01.01.02
    * feat: allow disabling of bunch signal processing via config
    * minor improvement for bad values
      avoid NaN; instead use 0 in running statistics.
      Contrary to NaN, it does not destroy the series but it's a compromise as well.
    * enable/disable for advanced EO features
         currently this is
          - EOD timing scan and readback of timing settings
          - communication with laser lock and motor sps for EO system supervision
         This should be disabled if server should only read out Kalypso images.
    * fix : moving average reset button
    * feat: moving average for selected line
    * feat: fit also bunch profiles when bunch is at line edge
       assuming bunch width is same as previous fit.
    * feat: turn off FFT if fBandStopWidth=0
    * fix: use clamp to correct frequency range to allowed
    * redefine debugLevel -> logLevel
  • 01.01.01
    03d17285 · remove EodScan completely ·
    New PATCH release 01.01.01
    Changes since 01.01.00:
    * support FLASH config
  • 01.01.00
    ed94fc77 · increase minor version ·
    New MINOR release 01.01.00
    Changes since 01.00.00:
    - feature: BunchTiming module for correlation of signal lines with expected bunch times
    - refactoring/optimization: create new module BunchDetection from ImgProcessingMod
      this should help when FFT filtering causes high CPU load in ImgProcessingMod
    - feature: valid pixel value range
      for auto-detection of bad pixels and saturation effects
  • 01.00.00
    New MAJOR release 01.00.00
    Changes since 00.09.00:
    *     add pixLower, pixUpper inputs
    *     make bunch peak detection more robust
    *     discard peaks which intersect time axis ends
    *     improve data validity handling
          - exclude division-by-zeros values
          - if not enough values remain, anything is invalid
          - otherwise, signal classification metrics (e.g. bunchDetected) are set
            valid, even if bunch was not detected
          - only if bunch signal valid and bunch detected, final outputs
            like bunch position, are marked valid
    *     output signal classification metrics even if bunch was not detected
    *     add signal sanity check
          also check that laser power is significant on bunch signal lines before
          evaluation of bunch profile metrics.
          Before, we only check laser power on (unmodulated) laser lines.
    *     Allow subset selection all|odd|even for laser lines
    *     data initialization also in case that input parameters are invalid,
          in order to avoid random utputs
  • 00.09.00
    New MAJOR release 00.09.00
    first release, for testing only