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      GUI: Use sbatch/scancel/scontrol instead of Slurm API · a4c786d5
      Thomas White authored
      This commit strips out all references to the Slurm API, instead making
      subprocess calls to sbatch and scontrol.
      Attempting to use the Slurm API seems to have been a mis-step.  First,
      it seems that nowhere has the Slurm headers pre-installed.  Literally
      none of the facilities where there are known deployments of CrystFEL
      have them.  And in a significant fraction of cases, getting them
      installed is difficult, slow or impossible.
      In addition, the API doesn't seem to work in all cases, so we already
      shell out to 'scancel' to abort jobs - see d76fc349.
      There are some tricky implications for submitting Slurm jobs from a
      container via the API.  The Slurm REST API offers a solution, but is
      very new and not widely available.  Calls to the Slurm executables are
      much easier to 'tunnel' out of a container.
      This isn't a great solution.  It's a net increase of only about 40 lines
      of source code, but it incurs some unpleasant string handling and will
      probably be...
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      GUI: Slow down job status checks · 66c1f2a6
      Thomas White authored
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      Formatting · 8d4b0b8b
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