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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 01.03.04
    ce019d43 · incread patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.03.04
    Changes since 01.03.03:
    - Automated change: Replace #include <eq_sts_codes.h> by #include <doocs/ArchiveStatus.h>
    - Added missing includes of <string>
    - Merge latest project-template
  • 01.03.03
    ec40baac · increased patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.03.03
    Changes since 01.03.02:
    - explicitly use C++14 because the vxi11 library uses a feature which has been removed in c++17
  • 01.03.02
    91e3dcb0 · increased patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.03.02
    Changes since 01.03.01:
    - removed use of reprecated EqFct::list_append().
    - added missing install target in case of non-system / debian package installations
    - changed c++ version c++17 (11 does not work any more)
  • 01.03.01
    New PATCH release 01.03.01
    Changes since 01.03.00:
    - fixed typo in install instructions
  • 01.03.00
    New MINOR release 01.03.00
    Changes since 01.02.00:
    - fixed segfault on exit by repairing the destructor
    - fixed buffer overflow
    - renamed server (back) to mo_server. Should work for flash and amtf, just different config
  • 01.02.00
    New MINOR release 01.02.00
    Changes since 01.01.00:
    - Undid change of calcluaton factor of commit 5813c71e15064fa6a7846bf582ebca769ea9f53e. It seems the previous version was more recent, or at least the most common one which should be used. Should also be working for the FLASH MO.
    - Proper error handling in case of read errors on a device. Device is set offline and stays offline until manually re-enabled. This prevents running into a several minute timeout on each update. Due to the missing error handling the server was crashing before.
    - Changed path of file recorder to local directory instead of external ../../..etc.
    - Made compile with DOOCS 18.11.0 (changed API)
  • 01.01.00
    New release tag 01.01.00
    - First tag after checking into git and changing to CMake