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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 08.04.01
    New PATCH release 08.04.01
    Changes since 08.04.00:
    * introduced variable "enableDynamicOVC" to setting script, to prevent logical name mapping of CTABLES.GC.I/Q. Increased PATCH version.
    * Added Watchdog configuration entry file
    * fix: typo in settings/
    * fix: double buffering masked in database
    * fix: RTable/bufferCurrent is read-only register, but was assigned recordtype longout
    * fix: initSIS script
    * fix: Base config
    * Database corrections after test run
    * updated db files to llrfctrl-server ver. 8.4.4
    * Updated gitignore, removed *_description.txt files
  • 08.04.00
    New MAJOR release 08.04.00
    Changes since initial commit:
    * Switched firmware from version 1.5.1-1 to 1.5.2-0
    * Updated to llrfctrl-server version 8.4
    * Initial commit:
      - Based on hzb config
      - Settings taken from old tarla configuration
      - Build tested with Config Generator 3.0