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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 00.07.00
    fe244235 · Fix VNA readings ·
    Fix VNA reading and improve plotting
    - Fix VNA readings
      -- Load VNA config (and calibration) from file.
          The *.znxml file has to be prepared in advance and saved on the VNA.
          It needs to set the VNA to CW mode and single sweep.
      -- Trigger single sweep and wait for it to complete
      -- Fix trace definitions
      -- Fix scpi command for VNA sweep mode
      -- Frequency and VNA config file are new parameters in .json file
    - Improve plotting
      -- Plot output changed to pdf
      -- CSV file and plot file have the same base name
      -- Make showing the plot a command line argument.
         The pdf file is always created.
    - Add status printout during stable measurements
  • 00.05.00
    VNA_dummy returns string of measurments as per trace
    -simulated_temperature and simulated_humidity changes as per virtual_time
    -plotting function now plots two subplots for temperature, humidity and magnitude,phase with respect to equilibrium_indicator
    -Now VNA_dummy doesn't have simulated_measurement_string
    -get_measurement_string function now returns string of measurements(magnitude and phase)as per trace instead of simulated_measurements_string
  • 00.04.00
    virtual sleep is calling the simulation also for VNA_dummy
    -VNA_dummy and chamber_dummy uses simulated_values from shared_simulated_state
    -now climate_chamber_dummy, VNA dummy, Shared_simulated_state has single instance of itselfs
    -simulation of climate_chamber runs by virtual_time
    -simulation of VNA now runs by virtual_time
    -shared_simulated_state_file used in chamber_dummy and VNA_dummy to solve Circular import problem
  • 00.06.00
    Working equilibrium_indicator for phase and magnitude
    - All parameters has stored in seperate json_file
    - Phase is in degree, magnitude is in DB
    - prototype script has seperate functions for data reading and data writing from chamber and VNA
    - prototype script has 5th flag to show all_measurements are stable
    - prototype script has seperate class for measurement_data
    - Now Equilibrium indicator works for all five flags(temperature_stable, humidity_stable, magnitude_stable, phase_stable, measurements_stable)
    - If measurements are not stable it reapits measurements while rading data
    - Close chamber correctly even after exceptions
    -Now each plot has its legend
    -fix stop condition of stability loop
  • 00.03.00
    First version with dummies
    - Introduce dummies for the climate chamber and the VNA
    - Use localhost instead of the real host name to use the dummy
    - Make the 'read_monitor' function more realistic in chamber dummy
    - Equilibrium indicator is an integer number representing a bit field
    - Prototype script can use the vna dummy
    - make prototype script interruptible
      -- <ctrl><C> now gravefully quits and closes the socket properly
    - is_temperature_reached and is_humidity_reached work with real chamber
  • 00.02.00
    First complete version of the prototype script
    - Waits for chamber to reach target point
    - Waits for a "soaking time"
    - Reads the VNA
    Includes equilibrium indicators for temperature and humidity. Phase and magnitude indicators missing. It is just assumes that the soaking time is lonng enough.
  • 00.01.00
    57a34195 · add gitignore ·
    First working version of the prototype script
    - read and set humidity and temperature
    - read S-parameters
    - measurments sequence from config file