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update project template

Martin Christoph Hierholzer requested to merge update-project-template into master
  • let cmake set useful rpath on installation of binaries
  • fix(project-template): remove extra rpath from DOOCS imported targets
  • fix(project-template): cmake dev warning in FindDOOCS
  • fix(project-template): imported targets for set_csa
  • chore(project-template): warn about add_dependency use
  • fix(project-template): for cmake 3.16 (Ubuntu 20.04)
  • Increased required version of EPICS-IOC- and EPICS7-IOC-Adapter (#32)
  • Enable _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS in Debug mode (#33)
  • project-template: prepend pkgconfig for user-set DOOCS_DIR
  • chore: update Python bindings helper

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