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Feat: Add parameters to pre_scan

Mikhail Karnevskiy requested to merge feat/meta_to_param into master

@tim.schoof Metadata stream brings parameters to the worker function pre_scan. In this MR there parameters can be described in nested class Parameters. If this class exists, parameters are compared with information coming from Metadata stream.

  • If Parameters are not described in the worker class, nothing changed compared to what was before
  • If parameters are described, they are compared with information from Metadata stream.
    • If Some of described parameters are missing, error if raised.
    • If type of described parameters is standard and not coincides with one from metadata stream, error is raised.
    • If type of described parameter is not standard (can not be derived from json). Variable from metadata stream is casted to this type.
    • If Metadata have variables, which are not described in the Parameters of worker error is not raised. These variables may be used in the next worker of the pipeline.

Only some standard classes can be de-serialized from json of the metadata stream.

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