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      Created a helper function for retrieve queue selection. · e71e1826
      Eric Cano authored
      In order to be efficient, the data (tape status and queue sizes) is cached in memory.
      This function needed access to the catalogue (where the tape status is located).
      This in turn required passing the catalogue object to:
       - The garbage colletion functions for all object types.
       - The garbage collector object now keeps a reference to the catalogue.
       - The path to the catalogue credential file should now be passed to cta-objectstore-collect-orphaned-object
       - The OStoreDB also needs a reference to the catalogue in order to queue retrive requests.
       The garbage collection member function are now also being passed a log context, so the requirement for better
       log of object fate can also be fulfilled later. This in turn required the passing of a logger object to
       the object store and relative helper classes.
       Finally, a dummy catalogue class has been created to be used in unit tests.
    • Julien Leduc's avatar
      Fixing the local ctaeos instance test in a 777 directory, so that we can · dd3e3f58
      Julien Leduc authored
      sort out tests that failed because of EOS instance
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