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      Made 1st readBlock of Read/Write sessions "exact" · ee211b54
      Steven Murray authored
      Both tapeFile::ReadSession and tapeFile::WriteSession start by
      reading VOL1 by calling Drive::readBlock() with a block of 84
      bytes even though Logical Block Protection (LBP) is turned off
      at this early stage of a session.  With LBP turned off, a drive
      will only return the exact record being read and wil not add 4
      CRC bytes at the end.  This means the drive will always return
      80 bytes.
      Both tapeFile::ReadSession and tapeFile::WriteSessioas called
      Drive::readBlock() with a block of 84 bytes in order to work
      with an "in-house" version of mhvtl that tried to support LBP.
      Unfortunately the behaviour of this special version of mhvtl
      was incorrect because it would 84 bytes when LBP was disabled.
      The "in-house" version of mhvtl trying to support LBP is no
      longer used with CASTOR.  This commit therefore simplfies the
      CASTOR code by replacing Drive::readBlock() with
      Drive::readExactBlock and by removing the conditional logic
      that dealt with the existance of an 84 byte VOL1 label in the
      presence of the "in-house" version of mhvtl.
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