Commit e63b7631 authored by Eric Cano's avatar Eric Cano
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Improved Helpers::getLockedAndFetchedQueue<ArchiveQueue>()

Added unlocking a non-scoped lock if needed.
Added more information in logs.
parent 9e3291d4
......@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@ void Helpers::getLockedAndFetchedQueue<ArchiveQueue>(ArchiveQueue& archiveQueue,
double rootUnlockExclusiveTime = 0;
double rootRefetchTime = 0;
double addOrGetQueueandCommitTime = 0;
double queueLockTime = 0;
double queueFetchTime = 0;
utils::Timer t;
RootEntry re (be);
......@@ -74,9 +76,9 @@ void Helpers::getLockedAndFetchedQueue<ArchiveQueue>(ArchiveQueue& archiveQueue,
rootUnlockExclusiveTime = t.secs(utils::Timer::resetCounter);
try {
double queueLockTime = t.secs(utils::Timer::resetCounter);
queueLockTime = t.secs(utils::Timer::resetCounter);
double queueFetchTime = t.secs(utils::Timer::resetCounter);
queueFetchTime = t.secs(utils::Timer::resetCounter);
log::ScopedParamContainer params(lc);
params.add("attemptNb", i+1)
.add("queueObject", archiveQueue.getAddressIfSet())
......@@ -96,16 +98,31 @@ void Helpers::getLockedAndFetchedQueue<ArchiveQueue>(ArchiveQueue& archiveQueue,
// queue and it gets deleted before we manage to lock it.
// The locking of fetching will fail in this case.
// We hence allow ourselves to retry a couple times.
// We also need to make sure the lock on the queue is released (it is in
// an object and hence not scoped).
if (archiveQueueLock.isLocked()) archiveQueueLock.release();
log::ScopedParamContainer params(lc);
params.add("attemptNb", i+1)
.add("exceptionMessage", ex.getMessageValue())
.add("queueObject", archiveQueue.getAddressIfSet())
.add("rootLockSharedTime", rootLockSharedTime)
.add("rootFetchTime", rootFetchTime)
.add("rootUnlockSharedTime", rootUnlockSharedTime);
.add("rootUnlockSharedTime", rootUnlockSharedTime)
.add("rootRefetchTime", rootRefetchTime)
.add("addOrGetQueueandCommitTime", addOrGetQueueandCommitTime)
.add("rootUnlockExclusiveTime", rootUnlockExclusiveTime)
.add("queueLockTime", queueLockTime)
.add("queueFetchTime", queueFetchTime);
lc.log(log::ERR, "In Helpers::getLockedAndFetchedQueue<ArchiveQueue>(): failed to fetch an existing queue. Retrying.");
} catch (...) {
// Also release the lock if needed here.
if (archiveQueueLock.isLocked()) archiveQueueLock.release();
// Also release the lock if needed here.
if (archiveQueueLock.isLocked()) archiveQueueLock.release();
throw cta::exception::Exception(std::string(
"In OStoreDB::getLockedAndFetchedArchiveQueue(): failed to find or create and lock archive queue after 5 retries for tapepool: ")
+ tapePool);
......@@ -152,6 +152,10 @@ public:
bool isLocked() {
return m_locked;
/** Move the locked object reference to a new one. This is done when the locked
* object is a GenericObject and the caller instantiated a derived object from
* it. The lock follows the move.
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