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[kill-bash] Updates EOS to version 4.2.11-20180131145554gite29d7c9

This version of eos-server includes the WFE implementation for CLOSEW
(default and CTA_Archived), ARCHIVED, PREPARE and DELETE. The bash
scripts are no longer necessary.
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Folder content:
# Folder content
* `ci_helpers`: helper scripts used by gilab_ci
* `docker`: Docker files and content needed to build the needed docker images
* `orchestration`: orchestration specific files: this contains all the pods definitions and *startup scripts* launched in the pod containers during instanciation.
* `buildtree_runner`: setup scripts for running the ci tests from the build tree instead of RPMs
* `buildtree_runner/vmBootstrap`: As set of scripts describing the preparation of a machine for fresh install to running CI scripts **MUST NOT BE RUN BLINDLY**
# How to update the EOS version used in CI
1. ssh to **aiadm**, then:
$ cd /eos/user/c/ctareg/www/cta-ci-repo/
$ cp <path_to_rpms>/eos-*.rpm eos/x86_64/
$ ./
2. In the CTA repository, update the yum version lock list with the new EOS version:
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