Commit db777150 authored by Eric Cano's avatar Eric Cano
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Added logs to rados backend contexts creation.

Also added an access after each context in order serialise their creations.
Logs should at least permit better understanding of crashes.
parent 77526c0a
......@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@ cta::threading::Mutex BackendRados::RadosTimeoutLogger::g_mutex;
BackendRados::BackendRados(log::Logger & logger, const std::string & userId, const std::string & pool,
const std::string &radosNameSpace) :
m_user(userId), m_pool(pool), m_namespace(radosNameSpace), m_cluster(), m_radosCtxPool() {
log::LogContext lc(logger);
"In ObjectStoreRados::ObjectStoreRados, failed to m_cluster.init");
try {
......@@ -102,12 +103,32 @@ m_user(userId), m_pool(pool), m_namespace(radosNameSpace), m_cluster(), m_radosC
// Create the connection pool. One per CPU hardware thread.
for (size_t i=0; i<std::thread::hardware_concurrency(); i++) {
log::ScopedParamContainer params(lc);
params.add("contextId", i);
lc.log(log::DEBUG, "BackendRados::BackendRados() about to create a new context");
cta::exception::Errnum::throwOnReturnedErrno(-m_cluster.ioctx_create(pool.c_str(), m_radosCtxPool.back()),
"In ObjectStoreRados::ObjectStoreRados, failed to m_cluster.ioctx_create");
rtl.logIfNeeded("In BackendRados::BackendRados(): m_cluster.ioctx_create()", "no object");
lc.log(log::DEBUG, "BackendRados::BackendRados() context created. About to set namespace.");
librados::bufferlist bl;
// An empty string also sets the namespace to default so no need to filter. This function does not fail.
rtl.logIfNeeded("In BackendRados::BackendRados(): m_radosCtxPool.back().set_namespace()", "no object");
lc.log(log::DEBUG, "BackendRados::BackendRados() namespace set. About to test access.");
// Try to read a non-existing object through the newly created context, in hope this will protect against
// race conditions(?) when creating the contexts in a tight loop.
auto rc=m_radosCtxPool.back().read("TestObjectThatDoesNotNeedToExist", bl, 1, 0);
rtl.logIfNeeded("In BackendRados::BackendRados(): m_radosCtxPool.back().read()", "TestObjectThatDoesNotNeedToExist");
if (-rc != ENOENT) cta::exception::Errnum::throwOnReturnedErrno(-rc,
"In ObjectStoreRados::ObjectStoreRados, failed to m_radosCtxPool.back().read(), and error is not ENOENT as expected");
log::ScopedParamContainer params(lc);
params.add("radosContexts", m_radosCtxPool.size());
lc.log(log::DEBUG, "In BackendRados::BackendRados(): created rados contexts");
// Create the thread pool. One thread per CPU hardware thread.
for (size_t i=0; i<std::thread::hardware_concurrency(); i++) {
......@@ -115,10 +136,9 @@ m_user(userId), m_pool(pool), m_namespace(radosNameSpace), m_cluster(), m_radosC
log::LogContext lc(logger);
log::ScopedParamContainer params(lc);
params.add("workThreads", m_threads.size());
lc.log(log::INFO, "In BackendRados::BackendRados(): created worked threads");
lc.log(log::INFO, "In BackendRados::BackendRados(): created worker threads");
} catch (...) {
for (size_t i=0; i<m_threads.size(); i++) m_JobQueue.push(nullptr);
for (auto &t: m_threads) {
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