Commit d5ab0b57 authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Simplified the implementation of RdbmsCatalogue::getArchiveFilesForItor()

parent ddb1476c
......@@ -3582,17 +3582,14 @@ std::list<common::dataStructures::ArchiveFile> RdbmsCatalogue::getArchiveFilesFo
const uint64_t archiveFileId = rset->columnUint64("ARCHIVE_FILE_ID");
// Break the archive file loop if there are no more tape files for the
// current archive file and adding another would exceed the prefetch limit
archiveFiles.size() == maxNbArchiveFiles && // Prefetch limit reached
!archiveFiles.empty() && // There is a previous archive file
archiveFiles.back().archiveFileID != archiveFileId) { // This tape file is not for the prevous archive file
// Create a new archive file result entry if necessary
// If the current tape file is for the next archive file
if(archiveFiles.empty() || archiveFiles.back().archiveFileID != archiveFileId) {
// Break the archive file loop if creating the next archive file would exceed the prefetch limit
if(archiveFiles.size() == maxNbArchiveFiles) {
common::dataStructures::ArchiveFile archiveFile;
archiveFile.archiveFileID = archiveFileId;
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