Commit ac0f9b9d authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Removed the closew.CTA_retrieve workflow as it no longer required

parent 3c650a55
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@ eos attr set CTA_TapeFsId=65535 ${PREPROD_DIR}
eos attr set sys.workflow.sync::openw.default="proto:ctafrontend:10955 ctafrontend" ${PREPROD_DIR}
eos attr set sys.workflow.closew.default="proto:ctafrontend:10955 ctafrontend" ${PREPROD_DIR}
eos attr set sys.workflow.closew.CTA_retrieve="proto:ctafrontend:10955 ctafrontend" ${PREPROD_DIR}
eos attr set sys.workflow.archived.default="proto:ctafrontend:10955 ctafrontend" ${PREPROD_DIR}
eos attr set sys.workflow.sync::prepare.default="proto:ctafrontend:10955 ctafrontend" ${PREPROD_DIR}
eos attr set sys.workflow.sync::delete.default="proto:ctafrontend:10955 ctafrontend" ${PREPROD_DIR}
......@@ -300,10 +300,6 @@ echo OK
# Set the workflow rules for archiving, creating tape file replicas in the EOS namespace, retrieving
# files from tape and deleting files.
# The closew.CTA_retrieve workflow prevents the default workflow from receiving the closew event, as
# we don't want to trigger the action of copying the retrived disk file to tape again. The
# closew.CTA_retrieve workflow sets the CTA_retrieved_timestamp attribute.
# The FQDN can be set as follows:
# CTA_ENDPOINT=ctafrontend.${instance}.svc.cluster.local:10955
......@@ -312,7 +308,7 @@ CTA_ENDPOINT=ctafrontend:10955
echo "Setting workflows in namespace ${instance} pod ctaeos:"
for WORKFLOW in sync::openw.default closew.default archived.default sync::prepare.default closew.CTA_retrieve sync::delete.default
for WORKFLOW in sync::openw.default closew.default archived.default sync::prepare.default sync::delete.default
echo "eos attr set sys.workflow.${WORKFLOW}=\"proto:${CTA_ENDPOINT} ctafrontend\" ${CTA_WF_DIR}"
kubectl --namespace=${instance} exec ctaeos -- bash -c "eos attr set sys.workflow.${WORKFLOW}=\"proto:${CTA_ENDPOINT} ctafrontend\" ${CTA_WF_DIR}"
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