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Changes in man file for running rmcd in cta

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.\" Copyright (C) 2002 by CERN/IT/PDP/DM
.\" All rights reserved
.TH RMCD "8castor" "$Date: 2009/08/18 09:43:01 $" CASTOR "rmc Administrator Commands"
CTA supports two types of tape libraries, SCSI compatible ones and Oracle
Automatic Cartridge System (ACS) ones. The cta-taped daemon requires a tape
library daemon to be installed and run on the same tape server as itself.
There are two types of CTA tape library daemons, one for SCSI compatible tape
libraries and one for ACS tape libraries.
A SCSI compatible tape library requires the following daemon:
The installation RPM for the \fBrmcd\fP daemon and its manual page is:
The \fBcta-rmcd\fP daemon can be started, stopped and its status queried using
the usual service commands:
cta-rmcd \- start the Remote Media Changer daemon
\fBservice cta-rmcd start the device file of the tape library\fP
\fBservice cta-rmcd status\fP
\fBservice cta-rmcd stop\fP
.B cta-rmcd
.I smc_ldr
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