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Started a list of user requirements, so we can keep track of them as they come.

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......@@ -20,13 +20,28 @@ plan is being laid out.
\chapter{Developer's manual}
% Section: Targeted environment
% Section: Requirements
% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
\section{Targeted environment}
\subsection{Targeted environment}
CERN SLC5 and SLC6, 64bits. Although it should compile in theory, the 32 bits version is not tested. The unit test purposely returns an error when run on non-64 bits architecture.
\subsection{User requirements}
The new tape server (software) will have to replace the software running on a tape server
(computer). Specifically, it will have to interface with VDQM, VMGR and tape gateway.
Additional requirements, arising from the current practices of operators are:
\item{}A tape sessions should be preemptable by the operator. This is currently achieved
by killing the tape process. Closing the session on a kill (-1) could be a solution.
\item{}The operator should be able to specify values in different SCSI code pages in
order to setup the tape drive. This setting will be defined differently for each tape
drive type.
% Section: Reference documentations
% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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