Commit 2f256a55 authored by Daniele Kruse's avatar Daniele Kruse
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Fixed EOS reply for archive, and added default location for SSS client key

parent c9139368
......@@ -1998,7 +1998,7 @@ void XrdCtaFile::xCom_archive() {
uint64_t archiveFileId = m_scheduler->queueArchive(m_cliIdentity.username, request);
cmdlineOutput << "<eos::wfe::fxattr:archiveFileId>" << archiveFileId << std::endl;
cmdlineOutput << "<eos::wfe::path::fxattr:sys.archiveFileId>=" << archiveFileId << std::endl;
logRequestAndSetCmdlineResult(cta::common::dataStructures::FrontendReturnCode::ok, cmdlineOutput.str());
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ xrootd.seclib
# Protocol specification
# The xroot server process needs to be able to read the keytab file
sec.protocol krb5 /etc/krb5.keytab.cta host/<host>@CERN.CH
sec.protocol sss -s /var/spool/xrootd/.xrd/sss.keytab
sec.protocol sss -s /var/spool/xrootd/.xrd/sss.keytab -c /tmp/sss.keytab
# Only Kerberos 5 and sss are allowed
sec.protbind * only sss
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