Commit 174a2b69 authored by Michael Davis's avatar Michael Davis
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[CI] Avoids race condition copying eos.sss.keytab

Now copies keytab between pods and changes ownership/permissions atomically
parent 89c1cefb
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ done
[ "`kubectl --namespace=${instance} exec ctaeos -- bash -c "[ -f /etc/eos.keytab ] && echo -n Ready || echo -n Not ready"`" = "Ready" ] || die "TIMED OUT"
kubectl --namespace=${instance} exec ctaeos -- grep ${EOSINSTANCE} /etc/eos.keytab | sed "s/daemon/${EOSINSTANCE}/g" |\
kubectl --namespace=${instance} exec -i ctafrontend -- \
bash -c "cat > /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab; chmod 400 /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab; chown cta:cta /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab"
bash -c "cat > /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab.tmp; chmod 400 /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab.tmp; chown cta:cta /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab.tmp; mv /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab.tmp /etc/cta/eos.sss.keytab"
echo OK
echo -n "Waiting for EOS to be configured"
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