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    Implemented promotion of repack requests from Pending to ToExpand · bc52524e
    Eric Cano authored
    This promotion is controlled so that only a limited number a requests
    are in the
    state ToExpand or Starting at any point in time. This ensures both the
    of repack file requests to system while preventing an explosion of file
    level requests.
    Created a one-round popping from the container (algorithms) with status
      - Used for repack requests switching from pendig to to expand
    Added ElementStatus to algorithms.
    Implemented promotion interface in Scheduler and OstoreDb. The actual
    decision is taken at
    the Scheduler level. The function itself is called by the
    Promotion is tested in a unit test.
    Various code maintenance:
    Switched to "using"-based constructor inheritance.
    Fixed privacy of function in cta::range.