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    cta/CTA#506: tape-labeling in CTA · 17f93d5a
    Victor Kotlyar authored
    Add standalone command line tool cta-tape-label.
    Command mount, label, umount the tape pointed by VID option. Tape drive
    and library parameters used from /etc/cta/TPCONFIG file and catalogue
    parameters from /etc/cta/cta-catalogue.conf.
    To be labelled the tape must be present in the catalogue and must be
    By default the tool labels the tape with enabled logical block protection
    if drive supports such mode. For non-blank tapes command checks previous tape
    label and label only if the old label is the same or match to the label in the
    command line oldLabel option. To skip label checks for non-blank tapes --force
    option could be used.