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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 01.09.00
    New MINOR release 01.09.00
    Changes since 01.08.01:
    - chore: use doocs::Server class instead of legacy interface
    - test: be more verbose in case of failing checks
    - fix: handle remote type and array length changes
  • 01.08.01
    New PATCH release 01.08.01
    Changes since 01.08.00:
    - fix: tests fail with latest DOOCS version
    - chore: breaking change in DeviceAccess 03.14 (#87)
  • 01.08.00
    New MINOR release 01.08.00
    Changes since 01.07.00:
    - feat: implement DOOCS image conversion and testing
  • 01.07.00
    41ceeecb · fix: high cpu load (#79) ·
    New MINOR release 01.07.00
    Changes since 01.06.00:
    fix: high cpu load (#79)
    feat: improve performance in accessors
    Using eq_data::get_int(), get_float() and get_double() turn out to be
    very inefficient. Directly iterating the memory ares an memcpy where possible
    significantly reduce the CPU load caused by the backend.
  • 01.05.01
    48cdda0e · increase patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.05.01
    Changes since 01.05.00:
    - fix: code formatting
    - chore: build environment
  • 01.06.00
    1c065816 · increase minor version ·
    New MINOR release 01.06.00
    Changes since 01.05.00:
    - fix: compilation against latest DOOCS version
    - fix: code formatting
  • 01.05.00
    New MINOR release 01.05.00
    Changes since 01.04.03:
    * use lib install dir defined by GNUInstallDirs
        this should fix library search problems on Tumbleweed
    * modernize cmake (#70)
        imported targets
        proper handling of no-as-needed
        remove explicit defs for downstream projects
        make DOOCS dependency private
        remove dependency glib
        remove --export-dynamic linker flag because it makes no sense for libs
  • 01.04.03
    New PATCH release 01.04.03
    Changes since 01.04.02:
    Fix activate listeners (#66)
     * Fix calling activate listeners in open.
     ** The listeners must not be activated until activateAsyncRead has been called.
     * Make compliant to Spec TransferElement 8.5.4
     ** activateAsyncRead has no effect if backend not functional
  • 01.04.02
    New PATCH release 01.04.02
    Changes since 01.04.01:
    - update project template
  • 01.04.01
    07e12212 · increase patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.04.01
    Changes since 01.04.00:
    - reduce ZeroMQ timeout
  • 01.04.00
    New MINOR release 01.04.00
    Changes since 01.03.00:
    - disabled catalogue test for read-only register
    - fix deprecation warning
    - fix after DeviceAccess catalogue refurbishment (#55)
  • 01.03.00
    New MINOR release 01.03.00
    Changes since 01.02.02:
    - Unified test: change minimum user type for BIT to Boolean
    - Add missing specialisation for new Boolean and Void data types
  • 01.02.02
    af974274 · increase patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.02.02
    Changes since 01.02.01:
    - work around linkage issues with DOOCS and TINE
  • 01.02.01
    bfbc8279 · increase patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.02.01
    Changes since 01.02.00:
    - Add work around for broken DOOCS pkg-config files breaking linkage
    - Extended test sequence for version numbers with out-of-order eventIDs
  • 01.02.00
    New MINOR release 01.02.00
    Changes since 01.01.00:
    - fix handling of incoming event ID 0
    - fix after DOOCS removed DATA_STRING16
  • 01.01.00
    New MINOR release 01.01.00
    Changes since 01.00.04:
    - added: updateCache, only updates if it is set to "1"
    - added support for pkgconfig (from project template)
    - Several bug fixed for exception handling
      -- fix not recoding the address of failed property after exception (due to typo)
      -- Fix race condition with ZMQ initial value polling and exceptions; separate exception status for listeners of same subscription
      -- Only send exceptions for active listeners in deactivateAllListenersAndPushException()
      -- Don't push into the queues if the subscription has an exception in zmq callback
      -- Don't clear the hasException flag in zmq_callback. Must only happen in activate.
      -- Now setting the exception backend when creating the accessor
      -- Fix wrong handling of connection errors when polling the initial value
      -- Fix wrong checking whether there is a runtime error in writes
    - Further bug fixes
      -- Do not check version from cache if eventId does not change, Fixes #49
      -- CatalogueFetcher: Exclude MESSAGE.TICKER. On a fresh server start, this variable returns invalid shape information,
         causing the catalogue fetcher to abort. Fixes #52
  • 01.00.04
    New PATCH release 01.00.04
    Changes since 01.00.03:
    - fix treating invalid data read from a server as runtime error
  • 01.00.03
    4368afa7 · increased patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.00.03
    Changes since 01.00.02:
    Preliminary fix: Exceptions don't propagate to all subscriptions, but only to those with the same device.
    The implementation still is not completely correct. An exception from another PV still deactiaves the whole subscription. It should only deactivate the listener on the same device. Like this, exceptions on one virtual device don't spread to others. This fix at least works if devices don't share subscriptions.
  • 01.00.02
    New PATCH release 01.00.02
    Changes since 01.00.01:
    disable tests expecting numeric overflow exceptions
  • 01.00.01
    eb60533a · increase patch level ·
    New PATCH release 01.00.01
    Changes since 01.00.00:
    - Removed libtine linking workaround from FindDOOCS. Doocs libraries now are themselves linked correctly against tine.