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......@@ -109,12 +109,12 @@ Note that for all following analysis, different lookup tables and IRFs are requi
Running the TS evndisp analysis:
./ runlist.txt $VERITAS_USER_DATA_DIR/analysis/Results/v500/TS/evndisp/ EVNDISP.reconstruction.runparameter
./ runlist.txt $VERITAS_USER_DATA_DIR/analysis/Results/v505/TS/Crab/evndisp/ EVNDISP.reconstruction.runparameter
Running the NN evndisp analysis:
./ runlist.txt $VERITAS_USER_DATA_DIR/analysis/Results/v500/NN/evndisp/ EVNDISP.reconstruction.runparameter.NN
./ runlist.txt $VERITAS_USER_DATA_DIR/analysis/Results/v505/NN/Crab/evndisp/ EVNDISP.reconstruction.runparameter.NN
Table analysis:
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