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# acsjavaexamples
Ulli Schwanke
1) build
cd src/
make all install
2) run
i) point ACS_CDB to acsjavaexamples/test
ii) acsStop/acsStart (to make sure ACS knows the new CDB)
ii) cd acsjavaexamples/test
source ./runMe #start container
Things to note about this example:
1) The ACS component has the flag
set in $ACS_CDB/CDB/MACI/Components/Components.xml
This means that the component is 'immortal' i.e. it
will remain active without clients. Observe how the counter
'private Integer m_state;' is counting up whenever one runs
Without the KeepAliveTime="-1" the component would be reloaded
each time is run. This would set the counter to 0.
2) There is a line
in src/Makefile. As a consequence, a file
is created every time one runs the IDL compiler (i.e. on 'make all')
One just needs to rename
but in fact this file is already part of the repository.
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