Commit d5308655 authored by Thomas Kluyver's avatar Thomas Kluyver
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Print some peak locations

parent c3591cb4
import os
import numpy as np
from libc.stdint cimport uintptr_t
from libc.stdlib cimport malloc, free
......@@ -41,3 +42,7 @@ def find_peaks_single_panel(cnp.ndarray[cnp.npy_float, ndim=2] data, str geom_fi
npeaks = crystfel.image_feature_count(image.features)
print(f"Found {npeaks} peaks")
for i in range(min(10, npeaks)):
peak = crystfel.image_get_feature(image.features, i)
print(f"Peak {i}: ({}, {peak.fs})")
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