Commit b5307d41 authored by Thomas Kluyver's avatar Thomas Kluyver
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Expose imagefeature & associated functions

parent 543d812d
......@@ -49,9 +49,35 @@ cdef extern from "crystfel/image.h":
double photon_energy_scale
double bandwidth
ctypedef struct imagefeature: # description of a peak
image *parent
panel *p
double intensity
const char *name
double fs # Fast-scan & slow-scan coordinates, pixels from panel corner
double ss
double rx # Reciprocal space coordinates (m^-1)
double ry
double rz
ctypedef struct ImageFeatureList:
pass # Opaque struct, used through functions
ImageFeatureList* image_feature_list_new()
void image_feature_list_free(ImageFeatureList *flist)
void image_add_feature(
ImageFeatureList *flist, double x, double y, panel *p, image *parent,
double intensity, const char *name
imagefeature* image_get_feature(ImageFeatureList *flist, int idx)
void image_remove_feature(ImageFeatureList *flist, int idx)
imagefeature* image_feature_closest(
ImageFeatureList *flist, double fs, double ss, panel *p, double *d, int *idx
int image_feature_count(ImageFeatureList *flist)
ImageFeatureList * sort_peaks (ImageFeatureList *flist)
ctypedef struct image:
float **dp
int **bad
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