Commit 5f1c8ada authored by Yuelong Yu's avatar Yuelong Yu
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Fix the problem on simulation mode

When it is in simulation mode. The slave tango server directly goes to
ON state. However, the master server waits for OFF state.
parent fe44b4f3
...@@ -294,7 +294,11 @@ void AGIPDMaster::init_device() ...@@ -294,7 +294,11 @@ void AGIPDMaster::init_device()
cout<<strDP<<endl; cout<<strDP<<endl;
Tango::DeviceProxy* objDP = new Tango::DeviceProxy(strDP); Tango::DeviceProxy* objDP = new Tango::DeviceProxy(strDP);
WaitForState(objDP,Tango::OFF); if(simulationMode == 0)
if(simulationMode == 1)
try try
{ {
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