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......@@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ The `.csv` version of the table can be used to make a **run selection directly u
- `has_soft (forced)`: Forced trigger with rate approximately `soft_rate [Hz]` (usually enabled)
- one may in addition use the table to exclude exclude short runs or runs from the beginning of datataking, where the `transfer subsampling` was low (`0.01`), i.e only very few events were transferred.
### Available files
Due to bandwidth limitations, not all events are transferred with full waveform information via satellite (only `transfer subsampling` in the list above).
There are two (relevant for most) files for each run
- `combined.root`: file with full waveform information and header information for transferred subset. These can be read with NuRadioReco.
- `headers.root`: file with only header information (event timing, trigger information _(caveat: not currently written out by firmware, etc.)_) but for all events
## Howto: Get an overview over data in a run:
- RNO-G eventbrowser (`` branch `rnog_eventbrowser`)
- RNODataViewer (`` branch `feature/integrate_root_files`)
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