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# RNO-G Data Tools
A collection of scripts which can be handy for RNO-G data analysis
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A collection of scripts which can be handy for RNO-G data analysis
## Run table, selection of runs for analysis
A table of runs and some useful quantities is currently at
- (all runs transferred from Greenland to Desy, continuously updated)
- (all runs available also on the Wiscounsin cluster, sporadically updated)
_Eventually, the run table will go into a database, and a long-term solution for collaborationwide file access at Desy will be found._
The `.csv` version of the table can be used to make a run selection directly using eg. pandas, see [HOWTO run selection](
To select normal runs by only looking at the `.html` table, I recommend using runs
- without any comment (these are usually calibration / special runs)
- runs with desired triggers enabled (i.e. it makes no sense to look for air showers when the `has_rf0` was off):
- `has_rf0 (surface)`: Surface threshold trigger on (usually enabled)
- `has_rf1 (deep)`: Deep threshold trigger turned on (usually enabled)
- `has_pps (PPS signal)`: Trigger on the P(ulse)P(er)S(second) from the GPS clock (usually not enabled)
- `has_soft (forced)`: Forced trigger with rate approximately `soft_rate [Hz]` (usually enabled)
- one may in addition use the table to exclude exclude short runs or runs from the beginning of datataking, where the transfer rate was low (`0.01`), i.e only very few events were transferred.
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