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Changes in this development version
- Introduce cell_tool
- Introduction of cell_tool
- Addition of PinkIndexer interface
- Handle CBF files natively, not via CBFlib
- Add Spectrum API
- Improvements to unit cell comparison logic
- New symmetry operation/cell transformation parser
- New unit cell comparison algorithm based on Niggli reduction
- New prediction calculation which works for electrons and wide bandwidth
- indexamajig: Removed --no-cell-combinations
- indexamajig: Improvements to indexing result check ("--check-peaks"),
improving results with multi-lattice indexing
- indexamajig: Add --zmq-msgpack
- indexamajig: Allow individual tolerances for all six parameters
- indexamajig: Return non-zero exit status if no patterns were processed
- indexamajig: Rename --min-gradient to --min-squared-gradient
- indexamajig: Status message updates
- indexamajig: Bandwidth now specified in geometry file (not --fix-bandwidth)
- indexamajig: Individual tolerances for each cell parameter
- indexamajig: Remove 'rescut' integration flag
- cell_explorer: Allow enforcement of Bravais lattice type
- ambigator: Use pre-defined resolution bins if limits not given
- geoptimiser: Use geometry from stream
- partialator: Many stability improvements to post-refinement
- partialator: Parallelise deltaCChalf calculation
- partialator: Add --model=offset for monochromatic synchrotron data
- partialator/process_hkl: Allow arbitrary polarisation direction and degree
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