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pattern_sim: Update help

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......@@ -62,15 +62,21 @@ static void show_help(const char *s)
" --powder Write a summed pattern of all images simulated by\n"
" this invocation to results/integr.h5.\n"
" -i, --intensities=<file> Specify file containing reflection intensities\n"
" to use.\n"
" (and phases) to use.\n"
" -g, --gradients=<method> Use <method> for the calculation of shape\n"
" transform intensities. Choose from:\n"
" mosaic : Take the intensity of the nearest\n"
" Bragg position.\n"
" Bragg position. This is the\n"
" fastest method and the only one\n"
" supported on the GPU.\n"
" interpolate : Interpolate trilinearly between\n"
" six adjacent Bragg intensities.\n"
" This method has intermediate\n"
" accuracy.\n"
" phased : As 'interpolate', but take phase\n"
" values into account.\n"
" values into account. This is the\n"
" most accurate method, but the\n"
" slowest.\n"
"By default, the simulation aims to be as accurate as possible. For greater\n"
"speed, or for testing, you can choose to disable certain things using the\n"
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