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Update --help

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......@@ -48,18 +48,19 @@ static void show_help(const char *s)
" none : no indexing\n"
" dirax : invoke DirAx\n"
" --write-drx Write 'xfel.drx' for visualisation of reciprocal\n"
" space. Implied by any indexing method other than"
" space. Implied by any indexing method other than\n"
" 'none'.\n"
" --dump-peaks Write the results of the peak search to stdout.\n"
" --near-bragg Output a list of reflection intensities to stdout.\n"
" --simulate Simulate the diffraction pattern using the indexed\n"
" unit cell.\n"
" --gpu Use the GPU to speed up the simulation.\n"
" --clean-image Perform common-mode noise subtraction and\n"
" background removal on images before proceeding.\n"
" --no-match Don't attempt to match the indexed cell to the\n"
" model, just proceed with the one generated by the\n"
" auto-indexing procedure.\n"
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