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......@@ -108,11 +108,14 @@ You can choose between a variety of indexing methods. You can choose more than
one method, in which case each method will be tried in turn until the later cell
reduction step says that the cell is a "hit". Choose from:
none : No indexing (default)
dirax : invoke DirAx
mosflm : invoke MOSFLM (DPS)
reax : Use the DPS algorithm with known cell parameters
Depending on what you have installed. For "dirax" and "mosflm", you need to
have the dirax or ipmosflm binaries in your PATH.
have the dirax or ipmosflm binaries in your PATH. For "reax", you have to
provide a known unit cell.
Example: --indexing=dirax,mosflm
......@@ -130,6 +130,7 @@ static void show_help(const char *s)
" none : no indexing (default)\n"
" dirax : invoke DirAx\n"
" mosflm : invoke MOSFLM (DPS)\n"
" reax : DPS algorithm with known unit cell\n"
" -g. --geometry=<file> Get detector geometry from file.\n"
" -b, --beam=<file> Get beam parameters from file (provides nominal\n"
" wavelength value if no per-shot value is found in\n"
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