Commit b2e7a864 authored by Yaroslav Gevorkov's avatar Yaroslav Gevorkov Committed by Thomas White
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fix documentation for pinkIndexer

parent ad0e55f5
......@@ -445,9 +445,9 @@ These set low-level parameters for the XGANDALF indexing algorithm.
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-tolerance=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-reflection-radius=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-max-resolution-for-indexing=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-multi=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-multi\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-thread-count=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-no-check-indexed=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-no-check-indexed\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-max-refinement-disbalance=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-override-bandwidth=\fIn\fR
.IP \fB--pinkIndexer-override-photon-energy=\fIn\fR
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