Commit ac238688 authored by Thomas White's avatar Thomas White
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render_hkl: Check cell parameters could be retrieved

parent e2a154dd
......@@ -78,9 +78,12 @@ static void render_za(UnitCell *cell, double *ref, unsigned int *c)
max_res = 0.0;
/* Work out reciprocal lattice spacings and angles for this cut */
cell_get_reciprocal(cell, &asx, &asy, &asz,
if ( cell_get_reciprocal(cell, &asx, &asy, &asz,
&bsx, &bsy, &bsz,
&csx, &csy, &csz);
&csx, &csy, &csz) ) {
ERROR("Couldn't get reciprocal parameters\n");
theta = angle_between(asx, asy, asz, bsx, bsy, bsz);
as = modulus(asx, asy, asz) / 1e9;
bs = modulus(bsx, bsy, bsz) / 1e9;
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