Commit 886ae521 authored by Thomas White's avatar Thomas White
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predict-refine: Remove out-of-bounds GSL vector access

We got away with this because the GSL error handler is turned off in
indexamjig.c, and invalid accesses are defined to return 0.  However,
these accesses should have been removed when the clen refinement was
disabled in predict-refine
parent 3cc98760
......@@ -540,10 +540,10 @@ static int iterate(struct reflpeak *rps, int n, UnitCell *cell,
csz += gsl_vector_get(shifts, 8);
update_detector(image->det, gsl_vector_get(shifts, 9),
gsl_vector_get(shifts, 10),
gsl_vector_get(shifts, 11));
*total_x += gsl_vector_get(shifts, 9);
*total_y += gsl_vector_get(shifts, 10);
*total_z += gsl_vector_get(shifts, 11);
*total_z += 0.0;
cell_set_reciprocal(cell, asx, asy, asz, bsx, bsy, bsz, csx, csy, csz);
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