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CrystFEL version 0.4.1, 29th August 2012
- Some compiler warnings with newer versions of GCC were fixed.
- Bad pixels are now shown in brown by hdfsee.
- Bad pixels are now ignored when calculating the range of the image for the
colour scale in hdfsee.
- A crash when there were too many unit cell candidates was fixed.
- Small typos were fixed in a warning message and pattern_sim(1).
- "indexamajig --image" was fixed.
CrystFEL version 0.4.0, 31st July 2012
- Performance increase when using indexamajig on multi-core hardware (Chun Hong
- "max_adu" field was added to geometry file format.
- Added masking of inner ("peak") regions of all peaks during the background
calculation (Kenneth Beyerlein).
- Bandwidth and subsampling was restored to the GPU version of pattern_sim.
- Spot prediction and associated partiality calculations were improved.
- "profile_radius" field was added to beam file format.
- "compare_hkl --shells" now uses separate denominators in each resolution bin
for the R-factor calculation.
- Removed fields "peak_sep" and "integr_radius" in geometry files.
- Bug fix for process_hkl --histogram (Lorenzo Galli).
- A bug was fixed in find_panel().
- Improvements were made to the build system.
- "indexamajig --min-integration-snr" was fixed.
- Fixed "process_hkl --start-after" and "--stop-after".
- "compare_hkl --sigma-cutoff" added.
- Shell resolutions in Angstroms added to the shells files of check_hkl and
- Fixed small compilation problem with Cairo < 1.6.
- The tolerances for the cell reduction procedure, "ltl" in match_cell(), is now
"const float *ltl" instead of just "float *ltl".
- The "peak_sep" field of "struct panel" was removed, and "max_adu" added.
- "struct beam_parameters" now contains a new field: "profile_radius".
- "write_detector_geometry()" was added to detector.h.
- "hdf5_write_image()" was added to hdf5-file.h.
CrystFEL version 0.3.0, 14th March 2012
- Initial release of CrystFEL.
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