Commit 22d4f329 authored by Thomas White's avatar Thomas White
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compare_hkl: Record actual number of (common) reflections used for Rsplit in each shell

parent 97193f88
......@@ -180,7 +180,8 @@ static void plot_shells(RefList *list1, RefList *list2, double scale,
double r, cen;
cen = rmins[i] + (rmaxs[i] - rmins[i])/2.0;
r = (2.0*(num[i]/den)*((double)ctot/cts[i]))/sqrt(2.0);
fprintf(fh, "%10.3f %10.2f\n", cen*1.0e-9, r*100.0);
fprintf(fh, "%10.3f %10.2f %10i\n",
cen*1.0e-9, r*100.0, cts[i]);
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