Commit 21b12a07 authored by Yaroslav Gevorkov's avatar Yaroslav Gevorkov
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catch input error

parent cf9651d6
......@@ -165,6 +165,11 @@ void *pinkIndexer_prepare(IndexingMethod *indm, UnitCell *cell,
if ( (det->panels[0].clen_from != NULL) && pinkIndexer_opts->refinement_type ==
REFINEMENT_TYPE_firstFixedThenVariableLatticeParametersCenterAdjustmentMultiSeed) {
ERROR("Using center refinement makes it necessary to have the detector distance fixed in the geometry file!");
return NULL;
if(cell == NULL){
ERROR("Pink indexer needs a unit cell file to be specified!")
return NULL;
struct pinkIndexer_private_data* pinkIndexer_private_data = malloc(sizeof(struct pinkIndexer_private_data));
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