Commit 14440709 authored by Thomas White's avatar Thomas White
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render_hkl: Include default output filename in --help

parent fc7aaadc
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ static void show_help(const char *s)
" Default: 1,0,0.\n"
" -r, --right=<h>,<k>,<l> Indices for the axis in the 'right' (roughly)\n"
" direction. Default: 0,1,0.\n"
" -o, --output=<filename> Output filename (not for POV-ray).\n"
" -o, --output=<filename> Output filename (not for POV-ray). Default: za.pdf\n"
" --boost=<val> Squash colour scale by <val>.\n"
" -p, --pdb=<file> PDB file from which to get the unit cell.\n"
" -y, --symmetry=<sym> Expand reflections according to point group <sym>.\n"
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