Commit 049c3eb4 authored by Thomas White's avatar Thomas White
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xds: Fix handedness of unit cell

Previously, it was wired to give left handed cells.
parent 368030b0
......@@ -173,9 +173,9 @@ static int read_cell(struct image *image)
cell = cell_new();
ax*1e-10, ay*1e-10, az*1e-10,
bx*1e-10, by*1e-10, bz*1e-10,
-cx*1e-10, -cy*1e-10, -cz*1e-10);
-ax*1e-10, -ay*1e-10, -az*1e-10,
-bx*1e-10, -by*1e-10, -bz*1e-10,
cx*1e-10, cy*1e-10, cz*1e-10);
if ( convert_spacegroup_number(spg, &latticetype, &centering, &ua) ) {
ERROR("Failed to convert XDS space group number (%i)\n", spg);
return 0;
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