Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 04.03.01
    New PATCH release 04.03.01
    Changes since 04.03.00:
    - increase patch level to allow re-packaging
  • 04.03.00
    4c287180 · increase patch level ·
    New MINOR release 04.03.00
    Changes since 04.02.00:
    -hwProtectionReset is written by the channel state machines
      -- The first channel state machine which is reset clears the flag on the device
      -- During disabling, a configurable amount of hw protection monitor errors is ignored
         because the HW takes several triggers until the flag is cleared
    - add RebootWatchdog
  • 04.02.00
    e5404912 · improve test consistency ·
    New MINOR release 04.02.00
    Changes since 04.01.00:
    - improve test consistency
      The logical name mapping used for testing is now much closer to the real confi- Use ctk::Boolean
      -- All variables which are conceptually bool now use ctk::Boolean
      -- Part of the changes were necessary because ApplicationCore now treats
         1-bit variables as ctk::Boolean, and the types in the server have to be consistent
      -- Causes history incompatibilities (at least to for previous piezoctrl4)
  • 04.01.00
    Initial tag 04.01.00
    First ApplicationCore based test release.
    - Feature-even with the 03.09. version of the server