Commit 00356a0d authored by Olaf Michaelis's avatar Olaf Michaelis
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Fix user id when run by root

parent b0966fab
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ GLOBAL_PREFIX=$(shell cat ${CURDIR}/${VARS_ENV} | grep -Po "(?<=GLOBAL_PREFIX=).
FINALLY_EXPOSED_PORT=$(shell cat ${CURDIR}/${VARS_ENV} | grep -Po "(?<=FINALLY_EXPOSED_PORT=)[0-9]+")
RESTART_POLICY=$(shell cat ${CURDIR}/${VARS_ENV} | grep -Po "(?<=RESTART_POLICY=).*")
DOCKER_IN_GROUPS=$(shell groups | grep "docker")
MYID=$(shell id -u)
MYID=$(shell if [ "$(shell id -u)" == "0" ]; then echo 1000; else id -u; fi)
ifeq ($(strip $(DOCKER_IN_GROUPS)),)
DC_CMD=sudo docker-compose
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