Commit f89dde2b authored by Keerthi Nakkalil's avatar Keerthi Nakkalil
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Works for all the 16 files with weird peaks

parent 1bfa1979
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ void trimdac_scan(){
TCanvas*c1 = new TCanvas();
THStack*hs = new THStack("hs", "Trim dac scan");
for(int ctr=0;ctr<17;ctr++){
for(int ctr=0;ctr<16;ctr++){
std::ifstream datafile(;
std::string histo_name = "h"+;
TH1D* h1= new TH1D(histo_name.c_str(),"Trim dac scan", 175,950,1300);
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