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The selection conditions in Tree->Draw() was not in the proper place. This is...

The selection conditions in Tree->Draw() was not in the proper place. This is now done correctly in this iteration of the code. However, there is some issue with the axis range. The following error message on the terminal is displayed : "Error in <TCanvas::Range>: illegal world coordinates range: x1=0.000000, y1=-2.748352, x2=0.000000, y2=1.724871
Error in <TCanvas::RangeAxis>: illegal axis coordinates range: xmin=0.000000, ymin=-2.301030, xmax=0.000000, ymax=1.277549"
parent ef2453df
......@@ -103,10 +103,10 @@ void TreeTPWrite(){
gPad->SaveAs(Form("toa>>htoa_everything_%d.png", i));*/
TPtree->Draw(Form("toa>>htoa_%d", i),Form("voltage==(%f)",voltage),"toa<rough_toacut");//coarse selection
TPtree->Draw(Form("toa>>htoa_%d", i),Form("voltage==(%f)",voltage),"");//No selection->Plot all toa
// gPad->Update();
TPtree->Draw(Form("toa>>htoa_%d", i),Form("voltage==(%f)&& toa>0 && toa < rough_toacut",voltage));//coarse selection
gPad->SaveAs(Form("toa>>htoa_coarsecut__%d.png", i));
// TPtree->Draw(Form("toa>>htoa_%d", i),Form("voltage==(%f) && toa>0 ",voltage));//No selection->Plot all toa
// gPad->SaveAs(Form("toa>>htoa_everything__%d.png", i));
}//For loop GetEntries
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