Commit 9e78bec5 authored by Javier Galan's avatar Javier Galan
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Revert "Added new projects directory to host submodules to other REST project repositories"

This reverts commit 2e50e075.
parent 3f332c9a
......@@ -4,6 +4,3 @@
[submodule "libraries/axion"]
path = libraries/axion
url =
[submodule "projects/basic-readouts"]
path = projects/basic-readouts
url =
This directory will serve to link external repositories as a submodule and include different REST projects. For the moment, we will host here `basic-readouts`, `basic-geometry` and `basic-simulations` that can also be used for validation.
basic-readouts @ 59bae8e8
Subproject commit 59bae8e88c8bd9edfdda78c567bd187db8520564
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