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A matrix filling file

Added side code file for filling of the plan matrix A, this code will be deleted after it has been integrated with the main code.
parent 7ef80668
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Fri May 21 11:21:32 2021
@author: jbarker
#import scipy as sp
import numpy as np
#import sys
#import string
import math as m
import config as cg
import functions as fc
import MainCode as MC
#from operator import itemgetter
#from collections import namedtuple
# Are there two epochs to calculate?
if len(cg.Which_epochs)>1:
Two_epochs = True
Two_epochs = False
Nominal_coords = MC.Nominal_coords
LoS_measurements = MC.LoS_measurements
Pol_measurements = MC.Pol_measurements
Pol_measurements_cart = MC.Pol_measurements_cart
StDevs_IFM_measurements = MC.StDevs_IFM_measurements
measured_distances_in_lines = MC.measured_distances_in_lines
sorted_measured_points_in_lines = MC.sorted_measured_points_in_lines
if Two_epochs:
LoS_measurements_E1 = MC.LoS_measurements_E1
Pol_measurements_E1 = MC.Pol_measurements_E1
Pol_measurements_cart_E1 = MC.Pol_measurements_cart_E1
StDevs_IFM_measurements_E1 = MC.StDevs_IFM_measurements_E1
measured_distances_in_lines_E1 = MC.measured_distances_in_lines_E1
sorted_measured_points_in_lines_E1 = MC.sorted_measured_points_in_lines_E1
\ No newline at end of file
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