Commit 94c8bac1 authored by Mikhail Karnevskiy's avatar Mikhail Karnevskiy
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enable list of id to be acknowledge

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......@@ -160,10 +160,12 @@ class AsapoSender:
with self._lock:
self._n_queued += 1
if acknowledge is not None and acknowledge not in self._ids_to_acknowledge:
if ack_dependencies is None:
ack_dependencies = [metadata["_id"]]
self._ids_to_acknowledge[acknowledge] = ack_dependencies
if ack_dependencies is None:
ack_dependencies = [metadata["_id"]]
for out_id in acknowledge:
if out_id not in self._ids_to_acknowledge:
self._ids_to_acknowledge[out_id] = ack_dependencies
......@@ -214,7 +216,7 @@ class AsapoSender:
if out_id in self._ids_to_acknowledge[in_id]:
if len(self._ids_to_acknowledge[in_id]) == 1:
del self._ids_to_acknowledge[in_id]
id_to_acknowledge = [in_id]
return id_to_acknowledge
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