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Send stream-finish flag once on calling side.

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......@@ -170,10 +170,11 @@ class Streamer:
return None, None
except StreamFinishedError as err:"Stream is finished")
self.stream_finished = True
stream_info = self.receiver.get_stream_info()
if not self.stream_finished:
stream_info = self.receiver.get_stream_info()
self.stream_finished = True
left_msgs = len(self.receiver.get_unacknowledged_messages())"Number of unacknowledged messages = %s", left_msgs)
if left_msgs == 0 or self.receiver.n_resend_nacs == 0:
......@@ -98,9 +98,6 @@ class SimpleWorker(Worker):
output_name_format = Config(
"Format for deriving output name from input name",
type=str, default="{basename}_processed-{index}")
is_finished = Config(
"Flag shows that processed stream is finished",
type=bool, default=False)
def get_output_name(self, metadata):
"Get the output name from output_name_format and the input metadata"
......@@ -147,10 +144,9 @@ class SimpleWorker(Worker):
Function is called at the end of processing to send end-of-stream flag
if self.sender and not self.is_finished:
if self.sender:
self.is_finished = True
raise ConfigurationError(
"Worker wants to send data, but no sender configured!")
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