Commit 26387cde authored by Tim Schoof's avatar Tim Schoof
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Fix workers without metadata stream

This is a temporary hack until the different stream naming schemes
become obsolete due to further improvements like acknowledgements.
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......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ def get_new_stream(stream, receiver_stream_list, metadata_stream_list,
receiver_stream_list = sorted(receiver_stream_list, key=lambda x: x['timestampCreated'])
receiver_stream_list = [x['name'] for x in receiver_stream_list]
metadata_stream_list = [x['name'] for x in metadata_stream_list]
if not isinstance(metadata_stream_list, ContainsAll):
metadata_stream_list = [x['name'] for x in metadata_stream_list]
if 'basename' in naming_scheme:
if sender_stream_list is None:
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